At The Roots.FM our goal is to provide our listeners with the best sounding audio available anywhere be it via the Internet, traditional broadcast or satellite.

Our focus on audio quality starts with the acquisition of our music. You will never hear an MP3 file on The Roots. Every song we play is coming from an uncompressed .wav file. The original source file usually comes from a CD. Most of our CDs come from area collectors who lend us their CDs to load into our servers. This lending process is completely legal because we pay thousands of dollars in music right fees each year to the many different rights holders involved in the music business.

We buy hundreds of CDs every year, usually to access new releases or restored remasters of classics. Many of the deep classics we play were never released on CD, so we had to track down the cleanest vinyl copy we could find. These valuable LPs are transferred to wav files using belt drive audiophile turntables vs. high torque broadcast turntables.

Our live broadcast studios utilize Arrakis Systems audio consoles, Demon CD players, Tascam CD and digital recorders. Our production studios utilize Adobe Audition for digital editing and PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital audio consoles, DBX preamps, Stanton and Pioneer turntables. Every microphone used by The Roots comes from Heil Sound. Our remote broadcasts are powered by Tieline Codecs and Bridge-IT remote software, JBL powered monitors, Apple I-Pads and 4G service from AT&T.

At The Roots.FM our goal is to provide our listeners with the best sounding audio available anywhere John Stephens
Like most radio stations we utilize sophisticated audio playout systems to schedule and play back our programs via wav files. We recently installed the Enco DAD system which serves as the hub of our operation. Our servers were custom built by ENCO, our work stations all come from Dell. All of our sound cards are from Audio Science.

Some of the most important work in our “audio chain” takes place in the audio processing and encoding stage. This process starts with the new Orban Optimod Pcn 1600 audio processing system. This award winning system performs phase skew correction, stereo enhancement, automatic gain control, equalization and multiband gain control. The result is state of the art audio processing that will improve your listening experience while never making its presence known.

Next is the encoder that takes our final audio and creates the streaming file that brings the music to your location. We chose the StreamS encoder from Modulation Index. The resulting MPEG-4 AAC streams will provide the best sounding audio you have ever heard from any desktop or mobile device.

Our studios in St. Louis, MO are connected to the Internet by a recently installed fiber connection. We have an additional internet connection provided a different utility, just in case. We utilize a high-end router hat automatically switched to the backup connection if the primary connection fails.

Our streaming provider is Securenet Systems in Deerfield Beach, FL. Securenet serves customers in 200 countries around the world from data centers in the US, France and the Netherlands.