We are serious about the music! We are not some corporation that thinks of music as “product”. We are a team of music lovers who are thrilled to be bringing to the world some of the best music ever made!

We play our music in “Sets”. One song tends to relate to the other. This is the way the original FM Underground stations were programmed.  We know the music and aren’t just following playlists.

You can always to expect a musical surprise on The Roots Free Form! You may hear something that you haven’t heard in years or we may turn you on to a vintage piece of music that you’ve never heard before. You may hear a recent recording if it fits in with the Roots sound!

We are trying to save the music we all love.Ted Habeck
We sound better than most streams. Check out our website to find out why. We are very interested in not only playing the best music, but playing it at the highest quality we can get.

We add music all the time with no plan to ever stop! This is a musical haven. No one is going to bother you here. Come hang out with us and listen to this wonderful music and feel better!

Spread the word! If you love The Roots, you can insure our future by telling others about us. It is so easy to do! Do it face to face, on the phone, on Facebook, Twitter etc. Send an e-mail. For St. Louis listeners, remember that you can get The Roots anywhere in the world! Tell your friends that moved away. Tell anyone in your life that appreciates good music, presented in an intelligent way! Friends don’t let friends go without The Roots!